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Professor K. Lakshminarayana Memorial Lecture


Rigid and Compliant Planar Linkages Theory to Practice


A.K. Mallik

Bengal Engineering and Science University

Howrah, West Bengal


Like all engineering processes, design of planar of linkages also requires a suitable mix of theory and practice. This involves a bit of science and a bit of art. This aspect will be highlighted through examples of planar linkages, both rigid and compliant. For rigid linkages, theory of planar kinematics, directly applicable to design of four-bar linkages, will be extended to design six or eight link mechanisms. Examples will be given of parallel motion generator, focal mechanisms and wall-climbing robots. Different design principles of compliant planar linkages will be introduced. Finally, an actively controlled two-link path generating mechanism actuated by SMA wires will be presented. It will be shown how theory helped to provide the reference signal, which needs to be modified by a simple PID controller.

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