۩  Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

 ۩  Robotics

 ۩  Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of  Machinery

 ۩  Mechanisms and Machines for Rural,          Agricultural, Textile and Industrial Applications

 ۩  Micro, Nano Machines and Mechanisms

 ۩  Biomedical Devices and Mechanisms

 ۩  Theoretical Kinematics




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NaCoMM 2009 -- (Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms)


Paper Code                Paper Title


ASMD2                                  Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of Three phase PM BLDC Motor 

ASMNP14                              Determining Link Parameters Using GA and Comparing 4-bar Mechanisms with and without Clearance 

ASMAM15                            Analysis of dynamic response of the Implement lift in the low horsepower mini tractor 

ASMTB18                             Consistent Bond Graph Modeling of Prismatic Members 

ASMSH19                              Compliant Mechanism Design Using Selection Maps 

ASMSD20                              Static balancing of a spring loaded four-bar linkage 

ASMPL19                               A Complaint Mechanism Kit with flexible beams and rigid connectors 

ASMBV20                             An Improved Compact Compliant Mechanism for a Pipe-Crawler

ASMG18                                Effect of Tooth Profile Modification In Asymmetric Spur Gear Tooth Bending Stress By Finite Element Analysis 

ASMAP19                              Haptics Aided Kinematic Assembly Modeling and Efficient Determination of joint Ranges of Motion 

ASMRD21                             Onset and Growth of Adhesion Failures in Adhesively Bonded Tubular Socket joints in Laminated FRP Composites 

ASMCK24                             Analysis Of Short Distance Gravity Actuated Oscillatory Trolley Conveyor (G.A.O.T.C.) 

ASMPS24                              Synthesis of a 2-DOF Haptics Device 

ASMG30                                Estimation of Crtical sections and Bending Stress 

ASMG23                                Effect of Rim Thickness on Symmetric and Asymmetric Spur Gear Tooth Bending Stress 

ASMRL28                              Spatial R-C-C-R Mechanism for a Single DOF Gripper 

ASMS29                                 Design and Fabrication of a Novel Three Wheel Robot with a SLE Based Lifting Mechanism and Line Tracking Capability 

ASMPS30                              Design and Control of a Biped Robot 

ASMJV31                              A Bond graph Model for the Extensor mechanism of Human                                                 Finger 

ASMBCM31                          On Simplified Solutions in Tribological Design of Machine Components

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